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Bankruptcy and Criminal Defense

Houston is a sprawling city on the Gulf Coast with a land area of 600 square miles and a greater metropolitan area that spans nine counties.  Westbrook Law Firm, PLLC has numerous meeting locations throughout the Houston area to make it more convenient for clients to meet with a qualified attorney and obtain legal advice.

The main office of Westbrook Law Firm, PLLC is centrally located in Houston between the Galleria and Downtown. Our office is located in Greenway Plaza off Interstate 69 and just outside the 610 Loop.  In addition to our main office, we have numerous meeting locations throughout the greater Houston area where we can schedule a meeting with you to discuss your legal problem.

The Greater Houston metropolitan area including Houston—The Woodlands—Sugar Land has a large and diverse population of more than 6 million people, including young couples, students, singles, urban professionals, oil field workers, biomedical researchers, small business owners, and senior retirees. Our law firm is locally based and is proud to have served Texans from all walks of life.

Westbrook Law Firm, PLLC represents clients on a broad range of legal issues related to bankruptcy as well as criminal law matters. Attorney Nicholas R. Westbrook personally meets with each prospective client during the initial consultation and at every stage in the legal process, as part of his commitment to providing personalized client service and keeping clients well informed of the progress of the case.

Houston Bankruptcy Lawyer

Houston has a large concentration of biomedical and aeronautics companies and an oil and gas industry that has a worldwide reputation. Houston is home to more corporate headquarters of Fortune 500 companies than any city besides New York. Millions of workers go to jobs in the Greater Houston area every day.

Yet a career professional or worker in any industry may experience serious financial difficulties and accumulate an unmanageable amount of debt, particularly if the economy falters or the worker loses his or her job, goes through a contested divorce, has a serious car accident, or unexpected health issues and related medical expenses arise. You may be unable to pay your monthly bills and have fallen behind on making your mortgage payment. You may be facing foreclosure or need to stop the repossession of your home by a mortgage company.

Bankruptcy is not the answer for every problem, but the federal bankruptcy laws have helped many Texans reduce or eliminate their debt, make a fresh start and resume productive lives. Each year, thousands of people in Texas file for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy filing may allow you to maintain possession of your home even after you have received a foreclosure notice. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code includes six types of bankruptcy to apply to different situations. Most people who seek financial shelter file either a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition.

Whether you are facing foreclosure, repossession or bankruptcy, it’s important to talk with a knowledgeable Houston bankruptcy lawyer to determine the right strategy for your situation, depending on your income, expenses and the type of debt you have. Filing for bankruptcy requires careful preparation and knowledge of the law applying to your circumstances to avoid unexpected consequences. Every individual’s financial circumstances are unique, and federal bankruptcy law is complex.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Houston, the criminal defense attorney who you select to represent you can make all the difference. You want a knowledgeable, locally based defense attorney who has helped many clients navigate the criminal justice system and can offer you trusted guidance based on experience. Attorney Attorney Nicholas R. Westbrook aggressively defends the rights of individuals charged with criminal offenses, including misdemeanors and felonies. If you have been charged with a parole violation you need to consult an attorney immediately.

We also help clients put their past behind them through the legal processes of sealing criminal records and expunging criminal records. If you have a criminal conviction on your record, it can make it much more difficult to get a new job, gain admission to a college or obtain credit.

You may be eligible to have a criminal record sealed if you were charged with certain offenses and subsequently completed deferred adjudication. Whether there is a waiting period to apply depends on the criminal offense. The Westbrook Law Firm can review your eligibility based on the offense and file a petition of nondisclosure on your behalf and have your record sealed. If you qualify and obtain an order of expunction or expungement, you can in many cases truthfully say that you do not have a criminal record.

Houston Court System

Houston is the largest city in Texas and is the county seat of Harris County.

The Harris County Court System includes the Harris County Criminal Courts at Law and the Civil Courts at Law. There are also separate Texas state courts and federal courts.

Harris County has 15 local criminal courts at law, which have jurisdiction over misdemeanors that carry fines of more than $500 and a year in county jail. The county courts are located on floors 8 through 11 of the Criminal Justice Center.

The Texas District Courts in Harris County have original jurisdiction in felony criminal cases. The 22 district criminal courts, each with a presiding judge and staff, are located on floors 14 through 19 of the Criminal Justice Center.

For the phone number and floor location of a specific criminal court, check the Harris County Courts at a Glance.

The address of the Harris County District Clerk is:

Harris County District Clerk
1201 Franklin Street
Houston, TX 77002

The website is: http://www.hcdistrictclerk.com/Common/Default.aspx

Bankruptcy petitions are filed in federal bankruptcy court for the Southern District of Texas. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Houston is sometimes referred to as the Southern Texas Bankruptcy Court. It is located at:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
United States Courthouse
515 Rusk Street # 5300
Houston, TX
Phone – (713) 250-5500

The website is: http://www.txsb.uscourts.gov

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