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Prostitution and Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

If you have been accused of committing a sex crime in Texas, your rights and future are in serious danger.  The mere accusation of a sex offense can cause serious problems in your life.  You have worked too hard to let an accusation and potential conviction destroy your life.

Houston area Lawyers at Westbrook Law Firm, PLLC help those involved in sex crimes.

What Is A Sex Crime?

There are numerous criminal offenses that qualify as a “sex crime” in Texas.  Some sex crimes involve unlawful acts that are sexual in nature and committed without the other person’s consent.  Other sex crimes are more victimless, but are considered criminal in nature due to the supposed immorality associated with the offense.

Due to the complexity of most sex crimes, our Firm limits representation to the following offenses:

  • Prostitution
  • Promotion of Prostitution
  • Sexually Oriented Business Violations
  • Public Lewdness
  • Indecent Exposure

Solicitation and Promotion of Prostitution

A first-time charge for Prostitution is a felony, making Texas one of the strictest States regarding this offense.  Over the past several years, our Firm has seen an increase in arrests for Prostitution due to sex trafficking and increased sting operations.  Prosecutors are more aggressive with these cases and rarely reduce the charges or work out meaningful pleas.   Here is some important information to consider:

  • Charges usually develop through undercover sting operations.  Vice officers pretend to be potential clients or prostitutes, and attempt to trap citizens into committing this offense.  We are fully aware of these investigations and have the experience to successfully defend this criminal charge.
  • In many cases, the vice officers fail to gather the necessary evidence to support the necessary elements, leading to dismissals and acquittals of all charges.
  • To have any chance at a conviction, the State must prove you knowingly: (1) offered to engage, agreed to engage, or engaged in “sexual conduct” for a fee; or (2) solicited another in a public place to engage with that person in “sexual conduct” for hire.  “Sexual conduct” includes deviate sexual intercourse, sexual contact, and sexual intercourse.
  • This is a broad statute that does NOT require any intent to fulfill the sexual act, just an agreement.  However, if the State fails to prove an agreement was reached, your charges could be dismissed.

Penalties if Convicted

The consequences of a sex crime conviction could be detrimental to your reputation and life, depending on the severity of the crime. If you are convicted of these charges, you will be subjected to a number of life-altering penalties, such as jail, fines, mandatory counseling, and a mark on your permanent record.

You may also have to register as a “sex offender”, which could affect your career, where you live and your livelihood. Being labeled a “sex offender” is a serious penalty, as your information will be posted on a web site that is available for anyone to view. You will also be required to tell future employers of your criminal conviction, which could severely limit your future employment opportunities.

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