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Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

In Texas, crimes are classified as a misdemeanor or felony.  Misdemeanors are less serious in nature, but they still have significant consequences, including jail time and fines.

We Handle the Following Misdemeanors

  • Assault
  • Criminal Trespassing
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Deadly Conduct
  • Burglary of a Vehicle
  • Burglary of a Coin Operated Machine
  • Prostitution
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Evading Arrest on Foot
  • Disorderly Conduct with a Firearm
  • Public Lewdness
  • Harassment
  • Reckless Driving
  • Public Intoxication
  • Racing on the Freeway
  • Terroristic Threat
  • Theft
  • Driving Without a License
  • Driving Without Valid Insurance
  • Driving With an Invalid License
  • Driving With a Suspended License
  • Unlawful Possession of a Weapon
  • Possession of Prohibited Weapon
  • Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon
  • Failure to Stop and Give Information
  • Failure to Stop and Render Aid
  • Failure to Identify to Police Officer
  • Illegal Dumping

Punishment Range if Convicted of a Misdemeanor Charge

Punishment for Class A Misdemeanor Charge

  • Class C Misdemeanor – Punishment is fine-only, up to $500.
  • Class B Misdemeanor – Up to 180 days in county jail, as well as a $2,000 fine.
  • Class A Misdemeanor – Up to one (1) year in county jail, as well as a $4,000 fine.
  • Enhancements – Prosecutors can sometimes enhance your misdemeanor charge to a more serious misdemeanor (or even a felony) depending on the crime and your prior record.

If you were charged with one of the misdemeanors noted above, you need an aggressive attorney on your side.  Call our Firm today at 281-888-5581.  We can help.