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Filing Bankruptcy: A Fresh Financial Start

Bankruptcy 101: The Basics

Are you contemplating bankruptcy?  If so, we can help. Our Firm has helped hundreds of clients eliminate and significantly reduce their debts through bankruptcy.

The most common forms of consumer bankruptcy are found in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code — commonly referred to as “Chapter 7 bankruptcy” and “Chapter 13 bankruptcy.”

Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates most unsecured debts, such as credit cards, medical bills, and payday loans.  In most cases, the process takes about 3 months to complete.  If your creditors don’t object, the Court will issue a discharge, which eliminates your legal obligation to pay any of the discharged debts.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes all of your debt – not just unsecured debts – and allows you to pay these back through a repayment plan (typically 3 to 5 years).  Many of our clients use this option to protect their vehicles from repossession and save their homes from foreclosure.  Chapter 13 can also help with IRS taxes.

What to Consider Before Filing for Bankruptcy

  1. Who Files for Bankruptcy?
    There is no specific “type” of person who files for bankruptcy.  Bad situations happen to everyone, and bankruptcy can help.  Our firm helps a wide array of consumers, including individuals, professionals, couples, students, etc.
  2. Should You File For Bankruptcy?
    Filing for bankruptcy should not be viewed as a failure.  In fact, it can be a smart decision when your debt is out of control and you need a fresh start. Your situation is unique – so it’s important to meet with an experienced bankruptcy attorney and discuss your financial situation.  In many cases, bankruptcy is the best solution and can help eliminate or significantly reduce your debts.
  3. Would You Qualify For Bankruptcy?
    Qualifying for bankruptcy depends on a variety of factors.  Our Firm offers a free consultation to answer your questions and determine your options under the Bankruptcy Code.
  4. Download Our Free eBook
    To learn more about consumer bankruptcy, please download our free eBook. We hope the information helps you make the right decision about filing for bankruptcy. We are here to help and can always be reached by phone or email.  With over 12 years of legal experience, our team has the skills and dedication to assist you during this difficult time.

Starting Over Through Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy automatically stops all collection activities against you. All creditor claims are then handled through the bankruptcy process in an organized and efficient manner.

We invite you to learn more about the bankruptcy process by reviewing the information below.

  1. Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. What Are My Bankruptcy Options?
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  5. Bankruptcy And Your Car – Stopping Repossession
  6. Bankruptcy And Your Home – Stopping Foreclosure
  7. Bankruptcy Myths
  8. Discharge: Eliminating Debts Through Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy

Once the bankruptcy is over, it’s time to re-build your credit and take advantage of the fresh financial start.  Learn more.

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