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John C.

Atty. Westbrook defendend me for a Class B misdemeanor for Failure to Stop and Give Information.

I had been in a minor traffic accident and stopped to speak with the other driver. The other driver was unwilling to communicate with me at the time. Since it was a very minor accident I did not want the situation to escalate and left. Ironically, my willingness to let it drop led to criminal charges against me. Lesson learned.

I retained Atty. Westbrook during the investigation and throughout the judicial proceedings. He actively communicated with the Sherriff’s Dept. during the investigation and the DA once charges were filed. The case is ongoing, but Atty Westbrook has managed to secure a clear set of parameters for dismissal.

My experience with Atty. Westbrook has been very positive in dealing with a extremely negative situation. I have observed Atty. Westbrook work the courtroom and it is clear to me that he will not back down an inch in defense of his clients.

I would recommend Atty Westbrook to anyone needing help with criminal charges, and obviously, retain him again in the future.