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G. W.

I hired Mr. Westbrook earlier this year to attempt to have a felony arrest (no conviction) from 12 years ago non-disclosed. I was expecting to have an “Attorney” and initially had a low expectation as far as representation went.

When I met with Mr. Westbrook, I was initially impressed by the fact that he didn’t use a lot of “Legalese” when he was explaining the process of getting a non-disclosure and he explained the process in a very tact manner.

I was also impressed with the fact that he was forthright about the fact that not every motion filed for a non-disclosure is granted and he let me know of this before he made any mention of payment from me. He walked me through the process, made me aware of any caveats, asked me questions that were pertinent to my case in the event that a contingency plan would need to be enacted, and then he came up with a few contingency plans.

Mr. Westbrook was also very knowledgeable with regard to the approximate time-line to get a hearing. There was only one thing with regard to my case that he was not able to do, and that was not through his fault, it was due to the fact that I had to collect case-specific information, and said piece of information required me to appear in person to collect it for legitimate legal and privacy reasons.

Mr. Westbrook had somewhat of a gauntlet to run with my case due to my county of residence and the fact that my county of residence has a very odd way of keeping records (or lack of) on file.

He was thorough and kept me in the loop with everything regarding my case, and in the end, I only had to make one appearance at court in the event that I would be asked to speak with the Presiding Judge.

In the end, my non-disclosure was granted. I left very satisfied and will likely be utilizing his services again in the distant future for another legal matter. His staff was very helpful, Mr. Westbrook was very helpful, and he did not carry any type of “air” of condescension unlike a few attorneys I have used in the past.

The bottom line is that he is affordable, he is thorough, and barring odd hours, is very accessible. Not to mention that he got everything that I needed taken care of.